Megalomania – Gandalf’s bile

by Jan 24, 2005Poetry

A friend of mine, Lord Valion( die-hard Tolkien-fan) composed this poemin a fit of brilliance. As he’s not a member, I’m posting it in his stead. I’m sure you’ll enjoy his verse.

There was once a mighty wizard

Gandalf was his name

He had caused several blizzards

Yet the world remained the same.

He was after the Secret Power

To become invincible

To make each and everyone cower

To leave them indefensible.

It was indeed a rebarbative plan

Of which people seldom speak

To destroy the Númenorian clan

To obliterate those who are meek.

Yet on the Battle Day,

His attacks did seem futile

For he was then forced to pay

As he fell prey to his own bile.

He oversaw the power of veneration

For it seemed to be piffling

It caused a minor perturbation

But led to his death by stifling.


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