Maybe – Nine Companions 3 – Sam

by Jun 26, 2002Poetry

Maybe when its over,
And my work here is done,
Maybe when I feel torn again,
Maybe my time will come,

Maybe when I’ve had lots of children,
And all of them are grown,
Maybe I’ll forsake my garden,
And I’ll the seeds I’ve sewn,

Maybe when I’m old and worn,
And my time has come to pass,
Maybe when I can work no more,
I will follow you at last,

Maybe when our companions are gone,
And I am Mayor no more,
Maybe when I can stand it no longer,
I will journey to the distant shores,

Maybe I will board a ship,
And sail across the sea,
Maybe if I still have some luck,
You’ll be there waiting for me,

I wish that day were here already,
And I could follow you my friend,
But maybe someday a time will come,
When we will be together again.


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