Many Years and Many Seas

by Jun 23, 2004Poetry

Many years and many seas
Flying birds about the trees
Ever changing, ever shifting
The starry sky it’s colour’s lifting
The sun sets
The moon arose
The song became
A haunting melody to be
Floating on the crystal sea
Silver-white and snowflake fair
Jewels of crystal from mountains deep
Hiddens springs
Secrets to keep
Soft clouds
The spring of a thousand roses

Poem I
Many Years and Many Seas

Far above yon pale cold sky
Of crystal blue the stars fly high
Embracing Evenstar, their queen
Of love and beauty by many unseen
Whilst twilight lingers in the dells
And floats in misty hollows and fells
Gently caressing the soft tree boughs
Smile soft and make their bows
The firefly’s dance ‘neath their tresses
Starry light falls and blesses
Whilst the gnomes desert their holes
And come from ev’ry tree and bole
To dance and flute upon the green
In silver garment they have been
Dance! Dance! In meadow sweet
With magic fluting urging feet
To movement swift and floating clear
Shimm’ring dance through trees hard seen
The music of gnomes heard once in dreams
For long times have the fay’s danced
Stars and leaves weave light to entrance
The silvery web around the glade
Spun and frosted in violet shade
With gleaming starlight glancing about
As the mystical figures dance and flout
Many men have lived and died
Yet ever the gnomes dance in garments pied
Through years uncounted, days unkept
In laughter light, they danced and lept
Music of bells fell through the woods
Walked with silver lamps and frost-wove hoods
Through velvet moss in glade and shadow
The moon as a guide, through starry meadow
Gnomes floated on silver wings
Their flutes throughout the wood did sing
And to the sea their moon paths led
To foam and mist and star at the head
To water that sings, pearls that shine
‘Neath the pale frosted water line
And yet the drift of silver flutes
Playing high and clear tiloots
Brings it’s melody to the trees
O’er many years and many seas


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