Mahogany Leaves and Calm Waters

by Jan 31, 2008Poetry

Her resolution was once strong
Dreams guarded against reality
And when she fades
An empty forest remains

A mahogany leaf floats from an old mallorn
On top of the calm waters of a pond
With a whisper so soft to hear
But with an impact directly heartrending

Despite the coming autumn of the North
She still holds strong in persistence
Her faint melody that once made the forest thrive…
The voice that always cherished her children

Within those who dwell there
Is a shard of the forest’s life
Guided by an Elf Queen so fair
Who departed her lands to seek peace from strife

As the night grows she remembers her loves
Falling to slumber’s whims as she finally slept
Letting go of the painful lies…
Permitting autumn to linger


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