LOVE HIM FOR ME – Prim’s Song

by Apr 25, 2003Poetry

A babe rare and beautiful,
Awaited so long.
I carried him beneath my heart,
My life’s sweetest song.
How his eyes glowed with wonder at
First Story, first Star;
His soul shone bright answer to Elbereth afar.
His luminous spirit let no evil mar!
Oh, Lady!
Let me worthy be
Of this treasure entrusted to me.

Far too swiftly pass the seasons.
Far too soon my time is done.
Cold and deep the rushing river.
Farewell, my son.

A boy inconsolable,
Bereft of his home.
He feels so small in Brandy Hall,
Adrift and alone.
Merry, young yet so generous,
Reach out, take his hand.
The rest find him fey; they don’t understand.
You make him smile again, his laughter demand.
Oh, Merry!
You, with eyes to see
Embrace him and love him for me

Bilbo, cousin, kindred spirit
His aching heart you’ll ease and mend.
Still I dread the darkling Shadow
A-lurk in Bag End.

Most loathsome of Burdens!
Not my lad, not my son!
Strain fearsome will, douse inner light
Till all hope he’ll shun.
Sam, hold fast to him! Shelter, tend
A flow’r in frigid cold!
He’s starlight, pure silver; you’re sun-burnished gold.
Forgive him and cherish him, in warm arms enfold!
Oh, Samwise!
You with eyes to see,
Guard him and love him for me.

Fools are blind to what he’s given
Though Evil’s flown and King is crowned.
Broken, fight to go on living
By faith and love bound.

His soul rare and beautiful
Now tattered, defiled.
No earthly grace will make him whole,
My brave one, my child.
Though you grieve, set him free, my dears!
Cruel cost of the Quest.
The sails fill; the ship turns its prow to the West.
May the soul he thought sacrificed forever be blessed!
Oh, Lady!
Hear a mother’s plea:
Heal him and love him for me.

Swiftly pass the changing seasons;
Soon our time will have begun.


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