LOTR Christmas Carols – by ME

by Dec 10, 2003Poetry

O Come All Ye Hobbits
(” O Come all ye faithful”)

O Come all ye Hobbits
With the ring of gold,
O come ye, O come ye
To Mordor tonight.

Come and give Sauron
Back his magic ring.
Or we will come and hurt you,
Yes, beat you and abuse you
Just give the ring to Sauron
And no one gets hurt.

O come all ye hobbits
Have courage little hobbits
O go ye, O go ye
To Mordor now.

Listen not to Sauron
But throw the ring into
The fiery pits of doom
Yes, into Orodruin
Just melt the ring right now
And we will be saved.

Walking into Mordor Tonight
( “walking in a winter wonderland”)

1 gold ring
Are you listn’ng?
up in Mordor,
his eye is glistn’ng.
It’s a horrible sight,
It gives me a fright,
Walking into Mordor tonight.

Gone away are the elves now,
Here to stay are the men now.
They’re not a big help,
We’ll do it ourselves,
Walking into Mordor tonight.

In the marshes we will meet some dead men,
While the scary lights are all aglow.
Gollum says, “my precious we should leave now”
But Sam will tie him up and then say, “no!”

Later on, we’ll climb higher,
Til we finally reach the fire.
We’ll throw the ring in,
Gollum goes for a swim,
Burning in the lava tonight.

1 gold ring,
It’s a mystery.
Sauron’s power,
It is history.
We sing a glad song,
As we go along,
Coming home from Mordor tonight.


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