by Nov 6, 2005Poetry

The Spring hath come, the earth awakes
The wood begins to grow
Blooms burst forth, as each day breaks
Bathe in a golden glow.

The song of the Firstborn floats on a breeze
Such beauty hath no bounds
As they walk amongst your mallorn trees
Their light steps make no sounds.

Now Summer hath come, your children have grown
Golden trees stretch to the sky
In Caras Galadhon have they made their home
While the ages pass them by.

But the Lord and Lady now watch over all
For a shadow hath grown in the east
And soon your elves and trees so tall
Must battle with orc and beast.

Then Autumn arrives with the setting sun
And your leaves begin to fall
Your children sail, their time is done
For they answer a haunting call.

Your Lady hath left but your Lord lingers still
Though he resides no more in your boughs
In Imladris now, with time to fill
With his kin, till his heart allows.

The Winter creeps forth, with a crisp in the air
Unmarred lie the virgin snows
For empty you are and your land once fair
Shall no more shelter life as it grows.

All alone do you fade in the coming night
While the stars shine from high up above
But here comes one to share in your plight
For she too feels the loss of her love.


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