Lost Light – The lost numbing pain of a Ringwraith

by Jul 29, 2003Poetry

Consume the light
Embrace the hate
You become the night
For your pureness its too late

Condemned to the darkness
Holy grail too far
You love and like less
Stuck in hell’s tar

That light is divine
The truth and love pure
Let it entwine
You want even more

Stuck in the flame
Dying in my anguish
Lost in the shame
It’s something I can’t relequish

This hate and pain is eternal
No love or joy I’ll find
The flames of my damnation, infernal
My sins are what I bind

The fire burns
But isn’t warm
My heart yearns
For a corrupt storm

Torment lives within me
I’ve lost the feeling of real
I’m lost for nobility to see
My fate I now seal


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