Lorien – A poem/story about Lorien’s fading years

by Apr 24, 2003Poetry

Sweet Lorien
Shall never there be light?
The Lady gone
The Beauty wane
Again my heart shan’t feel such light

Luinwen stared out into the distance as she stood on the western boarders of Lorien. Tears stained her cheeks. The wind blew her hair. Everything was different now. And things would never be the same.
Few tarry here
I feel a tear
Why did they have to leave?
I’ll shed my tears for Lorien
Forever I will grieve

Rumil had left. The elf she thought she had loved was gone. He said he could no longer bare to see the woods of Lorien. They brought to him too many memories. Haldir, Maegwen and their daughter Elanna remain, and Laurehiril and Orophin as well, but they are the only ones. Lorien is dead.
What happens now?
I’m all alone
In Lorien the Fair
I’ll bend my bow
Pretend I’m home
In a land where light was there

It seemed so long ago. Things used to much simpler. She was one of the only female guardians of Lorien. Laurehiril and I. We were good friends. But now she is distant. She weeps much, for now Orophin has gone to Valinor. When the Ring of Doom was destroyed, I thought that times after would be of bliss. No there is nothing but misery.
Long ago I served Lord Celeborn
To whom my bow and heart was sworn
Where are thee now?
Thou hast left my in the dark

It had been many years since Luinwen had come under the protection of Galadriel. Her father had died from a poisoned orc wound, and her mother passed but two days later from grief. Luiwen was only young then, and Galadriel took her in as a hand-maiden, and taught her everything worth knowing. And Celeborn had always been so kind. But Luinwen did not yet wish to forsake Middle Earth.
But now in Valinor she will dwell
and Celeborn in Rivendell
Alas! for Lorien which I love so
This is grief that I have never known

Celeborn had gone to Imladeris some years ago, and the rest to Eryn Lasgalen. Even Haldir and his wife are gone. Luinwen was all alone. There was no song. There was no dance. And so Luinwen would make one last song or Lorien.
Sweet Lorien!
Good bye for ever more
Tomorrow the ship sails for Valinor
Farewell… Dreamflower

Lorien! LorienFew tarry hereWhat happens now? Long ago I served Lord CelebornBut now in Valinor she will dwell


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