Looking for the Sun – A quest for the remaining hope

by Aug 31, 2005Poetry

I have searched high and low,
For a fate that comes too slow,
I have printed high and wide,
All that I must now decide
I have given life anew,
To those who seemed so futile and few,
And yet it remains true,
That my heart now cries out to be renewed.

I have searched my skies for a sun,
Again and again, since the world has begun,
I have given my time up for this,
And found nothing more than a wild snake’s hiss.
I have wandered the seas for a depth,
That deepens beyond even my wildest concept,
And squandered my riches, searching for gold,
That my eyes cannot see, and hands cannot hold.

My name is now less than meaningless,
And my profession, seemingly useless,
My body now seems to be shadowless,
And my shadowed heart, redemptionless.
And my eyes seem now too cold,
To great things now behold,
And my lips now seem too fine,
To taste things pure as wine.

I have lived on this earth for many lives of men,
And it seems my cause is well worn out again,
The invitation men gave me is spent,
The greeting dwarves did mumble, cement.
So now where do I look to see,
Comfort, behind the motionless sea?
My God, My God, have you forsaken me?

I cry out, but am not heard,
I find doubt, but am not cured.
Where do I find rest?

Part II

Creation floods my mind arrayed,
With dark of night, and light of day.
Salvation spurns my sins away,
And brightens all that once was gray.
The Glory of Eru, fills my ambition,
And shows me the path of my new mission.
And light of remorse, now beats me down,
But somehow… I cannot force a frown.
For I am at rest.


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