Longing for Middle Earth – poem

by Mar 22, 2004Poetry

My heart longs to dwell in tree laden wood
Beyond constraints of concrete neighborhood
Free to wander paths beneath the stars
Amongst the first born of Illuvatar
Where meadows sprawl and friends are long
And the winds blow filled with elven song
To feel soft earth beneath my feet
Or sit upon rock where mountains meet
Hear elvish words in natural tongue
The lay of Luthien being sung
Witness the wonders of wizards and elves
And the mountain halls whence dwarves dare delve
To look upon the faces of Kings of Men
Smell the Mallorn Blossom of fair LothLorien
Peer into the mirror of Galadriel
Take Elrond’s council in Rivendell
See a hobbit dance with a pint of ale
Cry at the havens when a swan ship sails
Ride through Rohan across the mark
Watch for the Valacirca as the sky grows dark
Learn from the lore of Elven Kings
Marvel at the tales of magic rings
See the stars through the eyes as an elf
Listen to the falls of Brunein myself
Yet here I find myself far and long
From the place my heart truley belongs
If only somehow I could find the way home
Where at last Id be free in Arda to roam


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