Long Gone – I am her child… She has died

by Jun 24, 2004Poetry

As I reach my destination
The trees so wide and tall
I look around me searching
And realize no one’s here at all,

For night had come in winter
And it came without a star
The moon had risen from the east
Where the shadows are,

I walk into the forest
Knowing I am alone
But also knowing
Here walked grace and beauty
Which once so brightly shone,


For silent kings and silent hills
Their golden ages had past
When they were not, though she was still
Of those that were, the last,

The trees watch me as I pass
Whispering in their speach
It is not the first time I have come
To look at what I can’t reach,

The road leads into darkness
And some are called away
For those were born to wander far
And others doomed to stay,

Grace and beauty are not for me
For some one eles, I think
But I lift my eyes to behold
And there I slowly sink

‘Tis my mother
She has died

And so I weep for her
And know that she has gone
But forever I will love her
She has gone to be with the one,

The one that she loved,

For those that were to follow
Will join those that are gone
To leave a bleak and weary place
A lonely and dreary place
For those who linger on,

For silver ships and silver sails
Had vanished long before
And starry paths and foamy trails
Had led to Valinor,

Long ago.


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