Lindele o i lóme – Music of the Night

by Feb 3, 2004Poetry

nai lindele o i lóme
sina melme
helmanya, maksa
elta milya quen
enya melme elta tenel
elta nealve i er
kar melmenna nillo mi sule
ai, elta mealve lisse
kealya khalnaa cár
ve enya poikalya taal
yat nillo mi vesta
ten enya melme elta mi indonnya
elta ar enya, oo tenel
mennai unquale kar me vanwie

our secret
is the music of the night
this love
is the song of the starlight
my skin, soft
you long for someone
I love you forever
you are the one
make love to me in spirit
alas, you are sweet
lie down your noble head
as I clean your feet
join me in matrimony
for I love you in my heart
you and I, together forever
until death do us part


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