Lindëion Estel – Song of Hope

by Mar 5, 2002Poetry

I morëndor
Oron ambar
Rúnya morë aurë
Lómë ú elen-
Ú estel, ú alassë
Man pol atta pitya Periannath car?
Cálë oniheri
Anta me estel
Talmë racuva I mornië
I umbar Endorian
Sérër ménë
Nanmmë va ortul I morna
An narlmë I cálë
me uvalá quel

The Black Land
Mt. Doom
Red flame, black day
Night without stars-
Without hope, without joy
What can two small Hobbits do?
Light of the Lady
Give us hope
That we shall break the darkness
The fate of Middle Earth
Rests on us
But we shall overcome the dark
For we are the light
We shall not fail.


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