Like an arrow through the heart – How come you here?

by Jun 21, 2005Poetry

How come you here?
My beautiful sister,
What made you come here?
In this dark morning of the world
Here you are lying on the battefield
Wake up!
You cannot leave me!
Mournful you have always been
And I have cried also my sister
I have cried for your fate
For always cold and lonesome you have seemed
And here you are
In a desperate last stand you came to fight
And you have fallen
This evil morning
Honour you have won, my sister
And they will bear you in to the City to lie beside your King
Your pale and lifeless face there on the battlefield
Like an arrow through my heart
You should not be here
Eowyn, dearest sister
I would have given my life to keep you safe

Open your eyes!
Speak to me!
Do not leave me here alone!
The sun has gone dark
All is dark
Eowyn, Eowyn, faithful sister
Brave maiden of the Rohirrim
You must not leave me!
You have given too much to be lost now
I will have you see a bright morning again

I can still remember
How you cried for all the death
Too much sorrow for your young heart
And I tried always to be strong for you
How we would go everywhere together
And we would teach you
All we knew of war
Dark tales of distant years and far away lands
You loved the tales of ancient battles
Of our valiant ancestors
But they were always days of joy
I remember your laugh
So distant to me now
When was the last time I heard that happy laughter?
More death came
Death came to the young
How you cried for Theodred our cousin
I thought you would never smile again
More grief and more pain came
All those grey and rainy days
And each morning darker and heavier
Your heart could not bear the growing darkness
But I will always remember those days
And the joy in your eyes
But now death has taken you
And you shall never laugh again

Like a withering flower
Like a caged bird
The wish and desire in you so strong
To break out
And yet you remained
Locked inside your cage
So cold and alone
Growing weaker
As the darkness deepened
For so long you have seemed so sorrowful
Watchful, always worrying
Such a weight to my heart

But since he came into your life
It has been a joy to see you smile again
I had forgotten
How your smile gives me such hope
But your grief since he rode away
Has been unbearable to you
And so you came here
In search of death
You have your wish
Your deeds shall never be forgotten
Shieldmaiden of the North
Strong and courageous
And now for ever sleeping
Rest, my sister
Be at peace at last
You gave your life to save those you loved
And now you shall never see them again
Such a bitter end

Death! Death take us all!
Finding you, my sister, here on the battlefield
Among the dead
In the cold morning
Struck me like a lightning
How come you here?
I will ride on to victory for you
Your death shall not be vain!
And perhaps a new day will come
Free of all these pains
And I will always see you smiling at me
And remember your sweet voice
If only this was an evil dream
But death in battle was your fate
Such a bitter end


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