Life of Love

by Sep 7, 2004Poetry

I walk under birches, a new day is born,
The darkness away from the sky is torn.
I think of your black hair and the stars.
Oh, how brightly they shine in your eyes!

At this early hour the sun greets the day,
The heavy curtain of the night is cast away.
The heavens are as fair as never before
For there is love within my heart’s core.

I regret the day when I had to go
And many years have to pass, I know
Before we shall each other again behold.
Till then I dream of you on these nights so cold.

In silence I wait for your return
While my heart’s cravings for you burn.
You will come back and my fate fulfill,
I do not weep for hope there is still.

As the sun is setting and twilight nearing
I find myself your voice hearing.
Out of joy our hearts are singing
While the wind our souls together is bringing.

Leaving this world I lie on my death bed,
I ask the wind to dry the tears you shed.
The long days of my life come to their midnight,
My kisses become a memory in the starlight.

You passed away and left me alone
To wander the lonely roads cold as stone.
Sorrowing, for your love I do crave,
I take the paths that lead to my hidden grave.


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