Let It Go – Frodo at Orodruin

by Feb 20, 2004Poetry

If any of you have read BanuiRochon’s pseudo-choral text Iorhael, you might notice some…similarities…between that and this. Okay, that was part of my inspiration. Whatever the case, this doesn’t really belong in any of the existing choral text songs from Return of the King, but it’s also similar to some from “The End of All Things.” I guess it’s from Sam’s point of view, but except for one line, it doesn’t really matter.

Cilich mebi bâd hen
Tolthannech naeth hen bo le
Dan cerithach san si?
Ma devithach i naur mâb san?
Ú-vemmich gwest, ú-gernich gwest
Dan gwend le an san.
Ú-gerin nad thaed le si.
Boe leithiach san bedi
Boe devich san danno…

You chose to take this path
You brought this burden upon yourself
But can you now fulfill it?
Can you let the fire take it?
You took no oath, made no vow
But it has bound you to itself.
I cannot help you now.
You must let it go
You must let it fall…

naeth grief, woe
Dan cerithach san si? “But will you do it now?” Couldn’t find a word for “fulfill.”
Ú-gerin nad thaed le si “I can’t do [any]thing to help you.” You know Arwen’s line in FotR to the dying Frodo–“Lasto beth nîn, tolo dan nan galad. Telin le thaed…” The last part is translated “I come to help you.” I couldn’t figure out how to conjugate that infinitive form into “I help,” so I forced it to work for me as is.
Boe leithiach san bedi “It is necessary that you release it to go”


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