Legolas’ sorrow

by Sep 15, 2003Poetry

My kin have left, so too, shall I,
Loved I this land, but I’m not destined to die,
Or to linger in the faded mortal dusk dew,
The years are to short now,
The days are too few,
And so I must leave here,
Memories be kept,
Farewell to the boughs
Under which I have slept.

How stars shall shine brighly in the lands yon the sea,
Alas, that this yearning should beckon to me,
For long did I live, ’till the cry of the gull
Set amid wars tide
Bade me hear the sea’s lull,
O’er the ocean, the ships sail there,
Calling me, Calling me
To Vailinor fair.

And in these grey heavens I take in the scent
Of the land which I lived in, all my life spent,
I savour the oak tree, and I savour the sky,
Belive in the hope that did for which I did stay,
Yet I think of the stars and I think of the sea,
And I think of the night and the day,
And I think of the Valar, of Elebereth fair,
And I long for the songs and I long for that lore,
For my heart does not here dwell anymore.

And the wilds winds flicker and dance in the sky,
And my cloke behind me does flow,
And I rember my loves
I remember my joys,
And I whiper A single word to the air;



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