Legolas going – When Legolas left Middle-earth forever

by Aug 21, 2003Poetry

Cloaked and alone, I saw him stand,
Clad in grey, bow in his hand,
Golden hair behind him blew,
One last step upon the land he knew.

Solem in his stature, eyes blue as the sea,
Loyal to honour, great warrior he,
The last of his kind upon this old earth,
Lowly woodland elf, of kingly birth.

The white ships have all but sailed,
And in the land of Aman this passing shall be hailed,
Yet this Prince shall linger here, for one more moment now,
Away from the life lived under forest bough.

The last elevn ship is leaving, passing to their land,
Cloked and proud and bow in hand,
Prince legolas leaves this earth,
With his friend to follow through,
The lands of his kinsmen’s birth.


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