Legolas and his Lover – A Poem of Legolas and Melia

by Sep 23, 2002Poetry

Legolas Greenleaf and his lover
She was simply a ranger
Who captured the key to his heart
Nothing could keep them apart

As Legolas joined her on her quest
Her mind was never at rest
For she was mortal and he immortal
He knew that she would someday fall

Their heart and lips joined in Lorien
They joined together in Mirkwood again
That was when she left and he sought her
For he was not finished with this Ranger

Together they sought her mother
Who was turned evil by the Istar
They destroyed the beings together
Legolas Greenleaf and his lover

When he was asleep she left away
For she was afraid and went to her city
She was afraid that she was not strong
Afraid what would happen if they did belong

She returned to him when he was Ithilen’s king
For she loved him and she did bring
Herself to him and they were bound
In heart body and soul they were found

When she departed from him the king
Went with Gimli to the Sea people did sing
Of their coming over the ships to the Sea
Where he was reunited with others happily

There he met Ariel who was born
On the exact same morn
That Melia his queen had died
That day he stood by Ariels side

It was amazing for he swore he knew her too
Like Melia his queen and in his heart he knew
That this girl was her and he would
Soon know her better if he could

So when tales speak of this King
They will remember him and sing
Of his love with Melia the Ranger
Legolas Greenleaf and his lover


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