Legolas! – A poem about how beautiful Legolas is!

by Dec 7, 2002Poetry

Ok, I have been at this site for a whole…..3 weeks and I haven’t seen a single Legolas poem! I couldn’t resist the urge guys! This is for all those fellow Legolas fanciers.

The moon ‘s a mere rock
Compared to his locks
Of golden hair bright as can be.

And in his eyes
You see the sun rise
Over the blue crashing sea.

In the speech of his tongue
Sweet bells are rung
You can hear from miles around.

And in his great stride
He beautifully glides
Even o’er unfriendly ground.

In the twang of his bow
Swift arrows go
To enemies good distance away.

His two gleaming knives
End evil lives
For there are no sharper blades.

Oh Legolas! Legolas!
Always remember us!
For we could never forget you!

We could know better fare
When you are there,

sorry guys…couldn’t resist!!!


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