Legolas – A poem

by Apr 27, 2002Poetry

He’s never lost,
has no despair.

The sun shines in
his golden hair.

He’s fair of face,
and Full of grace.

He walks abroad
with men and dwarves.

He risks his life for his friends,
and stayed with them till the end.

He’s light of foot
he’s big of heart,
But soon of this place
he must depart.

He’s never somber
always bright,
and doesn’t close
his eyes at night.

He’s so simple,
yet complex.

He’s clad in green and Brown.
A ranger he is, but bears a crown.

his elven cloak is of gray
Behold it is that somber day.

As the Elven ship departs,
the Fellowship is gone
from all hearts.

For he has gone into the West
to be with those he loves the best.


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