Leaving Middle Earth – From Frodo’s point of view

by Jan 9, 2004Poetry

Now I have come back to find
My home is not the same
Gone is the world I’ve left behind
It could be me that’s changed

Old wounds and memories haunt my dreams
No rest will I find here
I can’t go back, or so it seems
But maybe peace is near

And so I stand among great lords
With ladies tall and proud
Who say I’ve earned a place with them
For Valinor I’m bound

To sail away from Middle Earth
From terror, war and pain
A land of freedom and of mirth
My strength I will regain

I choose to go, in search of more
To find healing and rest
That means leaving my friends, these shores
And all that I loved best

How can you say goodbye to those
Who never left your side?
How can you tell them you must go
That on a ship you’ll ride?

Sam, my dearest Sam, I know
That you would come with me
But where I’m off too, you can’t go
Not yet, but you will see

Have courage, faith and hope, be brave
You have a family, too
You’ll end up mayor soon if you stay
The Shire was saved for you

For now, dear Sam, this is goodbye
But we shall meet again
A faint mist now covers my eyes
As for me, this is the end.


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