Lay of the Nine Walkers – A poem

by Apr 4, 2002Poetry

Frodo Baggins, child of Shire,
Bearing bravely the Dark Lord’s Ring
You’re off to cast it to Mount Doom’s fire
Ready to risk up everything.

Samwise Gamgee, the gardener’s son
Watching over your friend and master
You follow him there where all light is gone
Trying to save the world from disaster.

Meriadoc Brandybuck, always merry,
Cheering up the Fellowship
You led your frinds safe to the ferry
And carried the Elf-sword on your hip.

Peregrin Took, the youngest of Fellows,
Following faithfully all your friends
You have heard the hellish shrieks and bellows
When facing the fierciest and darkest fiends.

Aragorn Elessar, the noblest of Rangers,
Not yet bearing the crown of King
You led the Fellowship through the dangers
And did not give up to the Ring.

Gandalf the Grey, the wisest of Istar,
Wandering across the Middle-earth.
To the east you were sent by the Valar,
Maia of Lórien, honor’s worth.
Under shadow fell you on your way,
No more wanders Pilgrim Grey.

Legolas Greenleaf, the prince of Mirkwood,
Running lightly upon the snow
Fair at face and pure at heart,
Shooting sharply with your bow,
You show them what the Elves are.

Boromir, the son of Gondor
Bringing honor to your land
Arrogant on the road to Mordor
But bravest when the Doom’s at hand.

Gimli, the mighty Dwarven fighter
Battling boldly by Elves and Men
Something you saw that there is no brighter
In the Golden Wood of Lothlórien.


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