Lay of Arwen Undomiel – Poetry

by Mar 7, 2002Poetry

Beyond the mists of time
Where gods breathed upon the land
And rested in enchanted glens
Whilst stars seared the blackened night
With their multi coloured crystal light
There was a maiden, elven pure
Who danced upon this blessed shore
She sang of him that she adored
Knowing the doom his loving had brought

Oh mighty mariner at the prow
With gleaming jewel upon thy brow
Raven black your flowing hair
Topaz eyes with baleful glare
Proud features, noble mien
Battles fought in distant lands
Glories offered to your hands
I joined with you in silent mortality
But now human loss is mine to hold
And i am no longer so bold
A thousand arrows pierce my heart
Every minute since death did us part

The gods heard and felt her pain
They saw her tears making rain
To Cerin Amroth they bade her go
To Elanor and Niphredil
Her heart stopped its laboured beat
So her soul could Estel meet


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