Lava Flow – On Eagles Wings

by Jan 12, 2004Poetry

Lava Flow


Brimstone and sulfur
Leave my senses raw.
Rivers of fire
Fly above and stream below.

Nothing matters anymore.
I gave out everything,
My heart, my strength
Have left me now.
It is finished.

Heat swelters my thoughts
Has ash dampens all sound
Lighting crashing round
There is peace at last.

I failed at the precipice
At the very edge of doom
I could no longer fight
My Gollum any longer.

I was the fire
That cares for no one.
It held me in my skin
Powerless to stop myself.

I could not call you
To stop this creature.
I could not throw myself inside
To do my duty.

Though I regretted it
My pity saved me,
Smeagol save my life
And I looked above to love.

I should have died there
I should have fallen in,
I am so wounded,
Why am I lifted up?

Cool winds caress my face
I am held in loving grasp
I can smell flowers
On the horizon.

Flying towards safety
To see my friends again
Once I showed mercy
And that freed me.
Lift me up, eagles.


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