Laurelin, Elentari, and Me and My Master – 3 Tolkien Inspired Poems

by Nov 9, 2002Poetry

These are my first three Tolkien inspired poems; I hope you all like them! If you want to put these on another site please e-mail me.

All poems are © Laurëlin Mallenuial (2002) Please do not take without permission. Thank-you. =)


Forever, until the End of Days, Tilion, you will seek Arien.
Forever, until the End of Days, your silver flower will pierce through the night.
Forever, until the End of Days, Arien, your fire will burn with all it’s might.

Evil fear thy blessed haven from darkness.

More so, these that shine when all light is gone.
And hide thy face at sight of dawn.

Elbereth! Gilthoniel!
On foreign land,
Or by seaside’s sand,
Thru home or haven.
Wherever my journey shall lead,
In comforts cradle,
Ocean’s throw,
Or in place where no Man or Elf shall go.

Thy stars shall ever be my guide!


Malinalda, Culúrien!
Darkness has fallen,
Your light has faltered.

Oh, Laurelin!
How I long for the day when you are made whole again!

You were lit by the light of Eru’s smile,
when He first looked upon you.

Out of Kementári’s song grew, for a time,
The unquenched flame of swaying blossoms in eve’s fading light.

Rain, softer than the Mingling of Lights.
Yet with fire greater than Anar,
And more warmth than a midsummer’s day.

Dreadful parting it is!
The jewel of sunset,
Golden beauty of night’s star coming.

I weep more than Nienna who walk the Halls of Mandos in sorrow.

Laurelin, sing you song once more!
Songs of gold, yellow, and red fire.
And ever young hues of Vása.

Malinalda, Culúrien!

Me and My Master>

Me and my master walked the gardens of the Shire,

As we now walk toward this mount of Fire.

Me and my master used to laugh and sing,

The same that played in luscious spring,

Are cursed to carry this vile Ring.

I only thought we had been thru it all,

We will walk together or surely fall.

Hand to hand and heart to heart,

No, we will never be apart.

Walk and plod,

Fall and trod.

On and on with goal in sight,

What peril we face in this dreadful plight.

Victory is here! Home at last!

All is just a nightmare past.

Grey Havens, gray indeed.

Oh, my heart it bleeds and bleeds!

On shore, yes I see the open door,

Your hurts will be mended – but I’ll see you no more.

I’ve loved you for all of my days,

And even more as you disappear into the dim haze.

Beginning to end,

But will I see you again?

Me and my master united in paradise!

What blessed time this reprise!

Me and my master, me and my friend,

I know none would count this a bitter end.


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