Last Stand – During the Battle of the Pelennor Fields…

by Jan 31, 2003Poetry

Standing alone in the midst of chaos and sorrow,
Never thinking of lasting the night, let alone ’til tomorrow…
All the forces moving toward you and against you,
A shadow of darkness blocking the light from your view…
You are between it, your chances run low,
You have no strength to face it, nor any place to go.
You are the wall that blocks your city from any coming attack,
You are the barrier that intersects them, and now you cannot turn back.

What remained now, will soon remain no longer,
You grow weaker as your foes grow stronger,
And a thought rises in your mind, a desperate gladness
That you will do your best against this madness.
You will stand against it for as long as you live
No satisfaction of surrender to them will you give
Your last breath, your last second, your last desire
You will fulfill by standing straight before them, by standing higher.


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