Lament of the Elves – A poem

by May 2, 2002Poetry

A tormenting murmur flows through my veins,
My heart longs for the wind swept shores,
Weary of this world of its aches and its pains,
The grey ships depart, and my people no more.

My body is broken, a frail empty husk
And my soul worn away by these tearful years.
From the edges of f5;a creeps eternal dusk,
To sweep away these crumbled hopes, these pains and these fears.

As I look around me, to my tired, vacant eyes
Are failed hopes and dreams, now ruined to dust.
My weary soul longs for the heaving tides
A summer has passed, now marred by the frost.

I am smothered by a great raging black storm,
I struggle to surface, yet I am pulled down,
For into many pieces my bold heart is torn
A dreadful choice I am given, and I fear I may drown.

But feel a great yearning for the wide cloudy deeps,
This fire within me, how it smolders and burns!
To the sea I depart, where two worlds shall meet
Forsaking this land and never to return.

The moon rises before me, with her bright eyes she stares
At my frail silhouette gazing into the sky.
To the heavens I cast my earthly cares,
I smile to the West, and sit down to cry.

For I shall tarry no longer in the moonlit glades,
My voice heard no longer in the hills and vales,
The remnant of my people are doomed to fade,
Lost forever, except in whispered fireside tales.

The last ship has sadly departed into the West.
Tol Eressëa! I hear her, a voice fair and clear.
Onward we sail, to the land that is blessed,
For the end of my journey finally draws near.

In the crimson light of the dying sunset
The balmy wind sighs, down my cheek rolls a tear,
Only witness to our departure of sorrow and regret
And the last sound of home I ever shall hear.

The land becomes distant and hazy the coast,
The gray sea as calm as sheer looking glass.
The ivory ship rising, merely a pale shimmering ghost,
An age has now ended, my time come to pass.

My people are gone, for they are tattered and forlorn,
They can no longer carry this heavy load
Of grief, and pain, and of lost ones to mourn,
We shall not turn back, but continue on the Straight Road.


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