Lament of a Small Hero – A Poem

by Apr 2, 2002Poetry

I wandered for so long,
An evil road I roamed,
When I saved the world,
I lost my beloved home,

Where will I find peace,
In these happy lands?
When the memories sting,
Who will hold my hand?

Who will help me now?
Who will trace my tears?
Who will see me through,
These happy golden years?

Sam has a wife,
Strider has claimed his throne,
Gimli and Legolas went to Fangorn,
Boromir to his long home,

Gandalf helps no one,
His time is no more,
Merry and Pippin went to Crickhollow,
The elves leave these shores,

There is no place for me,
Bearer of the ring,
I am wounded, it will never really heal,
With knife and tooth and sting,

I weep alone at night,
While others sing and rejoice,
But all the happy songs,
Drown out my crying voice,

Where will I go?
Is there a place for me,
Here in Middle Earth,
East of the Sundering Seas?

To the lands of Valinor,
Once more I roam,
And maybe in the undying lands,
I will find a home,


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