Lament for Times of Yore – An Unriming Poem of Memory

by May 13, 2004Poetry

Do you truly believe
In your deepest heart,
That there once existed
Many strange beings,
Which people tell of
In stories passed down?

If you do so believe,
Then you know the kinds of
Of the creatures of old times:
The fairies who danced
In their fair rings of mushrooms;
The dwarfs and gnomes,
And their underground homes;
The great dragons, winged or not,
Flying in high airs,
Crawling on the pleasant earth,
Or swimming in the clean waters
Breathing flames, frost and lightning.
The unicorns prancing on green fields,
Playfully jousting each other.
Of course, there were bad ones:
Goblins, trolls, demons and bogies,
Ugly and mean, greedy and cruel.

But where have all these
Ceatures of lore gone,
So rampant in times before,
which few men have seen
in this modern age?

I tell you truly, not all are gone
From the world, though so it may seem:
Mysterious monsters in deepm dark lakes;
Encounters with dancing fairies
Within remote green glades;
Meetings with funny little men,
Dwarfs in the hills and gnomes in the wood;
And if messes are left about,
Without sign of an offender,
You can know full well that
‘Twas only a goblin or troll playing
A practical joke on you.

But oftimes we yearn that
We could know and see more,
Yet the truth must out eventually:
Those creatures of legend are from
A long-past age of this world;
Their era of prevalence is over,
And this is the age of man’s dominance.

But we must all remember soundly
And cherish the memory of the times of Yore.


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