Lament for the Ents – the future of the Ents

by Dec 2, 2003Poetry

Lament for the Ents

Keepers of a sacred realm
Wizened over years of sorrow
Do trees ever shed tears for
what orcs may do on the morrow?
Bearing a burden old and frail
You oversee the forest deep
Many paths have you walked in silence
Ever do you look on and weep?
Secrets you hold, dark ones indeed
Of war and battle raging
Witnesses to bloody mornings
Do you ever ponder engaging?
What sadness must weight on your hearts?
As wood burns amongst gray smoke
Killing your friends along with it
What pain and madness must evoke?
As forests thin over the years,
what shall become of the Ents
Will you rise up or fall in disgrace
To surrender or take defense?
In time will the world still know
of the Ents and their songs of peace
Will the forests talk and murmur
Or for an eternity cease?


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