Lament For Haldir – A Poem

by Feb 26, 2003Poetry

I took a bit from the Lament for Gandalf and a bit from May it Be as well as The Council of Elrond from the sound track for TFOTR and added in my own english words.

A Haldir i yaresse
u-reniath ach i amar galen
Ingwidh ristennin i fae narchannen
I reniad lin ne mor, nuithannan
Caled veleg, ethuinannen

May your soul be at peace
May you know the victory was true
Your errand was not in vain
Mornie alantie

Tiro el eria e mor
O mor henion i dhu
I lir en el luitha uren
Ely siriar, el sila
For you and for your cause


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