King Who Shall Be – A Poem

by May 27, 2003Poetry

King who was and King who shall be.
Lord of Gondor and of the White Tree.
Every man shall sing, every knee shall bow.
Aragorn, claim your golden crown

Wanderer who was and King who shall reign.
Upon your soul there is no stain.
Pure of heart, strong of soul,
your people welcome you, welcome you home.

King who was and King once more.
Defender of goodness, winner of war.
Your sword is sharp, your aim is true.
Listen as Gondor honors you.

Ranger who was, King who shall be.
You have conquered the Lord of the Rings.
The sun is shining, there is no more pain.
Go to your people, they’re calling your name.

Ranger who was, King who shall be
Look at your people; they are free.
Look at yourself, your smile is true.
Look at your friends, they’re right beside you.

Wanderer who was, King who shall be.
Tireless ranger, Lord of the White tree.
Strider the vagrant, Estel the elf.
You wore many guises, now be yourself.

Listen as the clear voices sing.
The empty throne has been reclaimed!
They are your people; you are their king.
Go to them, they’re calling your name.


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