Just Breathe – Nine Companions 5 – Frodo

by Jul 8, 2002Poetry

As I stand here by the cracks of doom,
The fate of the world before me,
As I gaze at the fire burning below,
I tell myself, just breathe,

Just go through the motions of throwing it in,
And you’ll have finished the quest,
Just toss it in, one little throw,
And you’ll have passed the test,

You can be rid of it, forevermore
You can die and set yourself free,
You can watch the light come back into the world,
Take a moment, just breathe,

I close my eyes and hear its voice,
Telling me to forget my task,
Telling me to just put it on my hand,
And it’ll be mine at last,

My eyes open up as I struggle with the urge,
I take a moment to think,
I wish Gandalf were here right now,
But he’s not, so just breathe,

Before I can change my made up mind,
I reach for my neck and put on the ring,
As I feel the power of its master’s will,
I tell myself, just breathe,

Suddenly I am fighting a battle in my mind,
And another with that treacherous sneak,
Suddenly I realize I have destroyed the world,
And all because of one little ring,

He takes it from me, but in he falls,
I still can hear his screams,
As I realize how utterly I have failed,
I tell myself, just breathe,

Breathe in the air of this putrid place,
Continue to strive to live,
There is nothing more that I can do,
No more sacrifice I can give,

Suddenly I realize with a start,
That I am finally free,
The light has come back, and I can leave,
I smile and say, just breathe.


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