Just An Orc – A poem

by Sep 4, 2002Poetry

Its just an orc
That’s what they say
It matters not if him we slay
I am just a number
I have no name
No one cares if I sorrow or have pain.

We were Elves once,
They cry.
Why then this hatred,
I sigh.
They are our cousins
Why must we kill?

Such Beauty and Grace
Have those of Elven face
Such Evil and Spite
Have those who only face Night
But I am just an Orc
I was raised to kill
I have no will.

O to go against the tide
And as a Friend an Elf walk beside
But I shall never know
If this could be
`Cuz I’m just one Orc you see
And if I in battle fall
Of this no one will know at all.

No one will know how hard he tried
For the very next day he died


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