Just a mere ranger – A Poem About Aragorn and His Troubles

by Mar 11, 2003Poetry

Just a mere ranger
Who strays in the night
Nothing but a stranger
Who passes you by
Just a dark face
whose smile causes fear
Just a deep voice
unpleasant to hear
Dressed up in rags
bearing all arms
Only rats are flattered
by his unusual charm.
Horrible by the look of him
you guess what’s inside
Not the type of person
on which you want to rely
but if you say so
You know so very little
This man is more
than mud and spittle
This is just a man
who’s lost his way
the reality of his life
not wanting to face
He wants to be free
He wants to be right
but he’s forced to be
as a shadow in the night
for no one accepts
his want to be free
they all want him
to be what he can’t be
but this man has courage
he is not afraid
every wrong has been changed
every debt paid
he believes in the truth
and speaks it as a song
And though he hides
he knows it wont be long
till he’ll have to face
his own truth
the glorius path
he abandoned at youth
But he’s willing to do so
when the time comes
but right now he’s just thought of
as a peasant in the slums
So before you call him
an unspeakable thing
take into note
that this is your king.


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