Journey to Rivendell – On the road

by May 3, 2005Poetry

A Ranger from the west did trail
As looked on at the merry jig
On a journey up From Rivendell
Four hobbits were to meet a king

No wizard White was there to hear
At The Prancing Pony inn
Nine shadows soon were riding close
There intentions more than grim

A Hobbit on the outside lines
Was first to heed the call
Now warned, they moved quite swiftly on
Escaping four for all

The Ranger that they met that night
Turned out to be a king
He trudged them up to Weathertop
with the bearer of the Ring

But the shadows again were riding near
While strider seacherd afar
He slipped it on controlled by fear
But they struck and left a deadly scar

His Elven maid was in the wood
She knew just what to do
Her bright white horse to frodo far
To Rivendell that’s known by few

Lord Elrond’s skills helped Frodo keep
His soul into the light
But Frodo still had some strength left
And so he well survived

A secret council was called to order
By Elrond, elven king
All those present looked on in awe
Within the elven ring (of chairs)

Mortal, hobbit elf and dwarf
were to help the bearer bring
the dreaded to the cracks of doom
and so The Fellowship of the Ring


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