Iorhael – Frodo comes to the end

by Dec 8, 2003Poetry

Another one of my pseudo choral text pieces, inspired by Howard Shore’s amazing music.

Boe i vangad bango
Istannen han
Dan cilich bedi
Cilich celi coled hen
Si telich na-methed
Methed e raunt
A nâ ú advaded
Annathach pân
Gwannathach pân
Nai ben hebitha han aen

A price must be paid
You knew this
But you chose to go
You chose to bear this burden
Now you have come to the end
The end of the journey
There is no going back
You will give all
You will lose all
So that others may keep it

boe i vangad bango “it-is-necessary the price to pay” for “a price must be paid”
advaded “back-going”


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