Inner Fire

by Feb 10, 2004Poetry

He was born in the blessed lands,
Born to be the greatest.
Yet the fire which gave him life,
Set him on a path of his own.

He had little love for his brothers,
For they were not of his kin.
He loved his father,
His only real family left in Arda.

Through the hatred and inner despair,
He deceived the one who set the lies loose.
He shut his gates in font,
Of the mightiest being on Ea.

Morgoth was his curse upon the deceiver,
Black Enemy of the World.
Soon, Morgoth slew the only one that was loved.
Thus Finwe has fallen,
For he was the only one who dared to oppose the evil.

Sorrow and raging beyond control,
He inspired his kin of betrayal,
He had sewn his thoughts into others,
And they all followed the call,
Which was bound to fail alone.

He betrayed his brother,
Who dared to follow,
He slew the orcs,
Who dared to cross.

He went on and on,
Upon the Aunfauglif,
And the Gates of Morgoth’s Stronghold.

Through all the tears and sorrow,
We hear the end of his life.

He was surrounded by orcs and demons of hell,
Alas but his sons came too late of time,
To salvage their father.

Upon the hill from which fortress is seen,
He took the words of his sons,
To keep the dreaded Oath,
And with his fire he left this world.

He brought them greatest fame,
That was ever known to all.
Along with the most powerfull curse,
Ever to walk Middle Earth.

Many tales and songs were told,
Many years later,
Yet he, Feanor,
Remains the greatest elf of all.


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