In Twilit Wood

by Nov 7, 2003Poetry

In Twilit Wood

As Aragorn, called Elessar
Walked under woodland eves,
Above him shone the Evenstar
Through silver linden leaves.

Its light fell on Undómiel
Lord Elrond’s daughter fair.
O Elbereth Gilthoniel!
A wind was in her twilit hair.

He knew not this, so he had cried
`O Lúthien, Tinúviel!’
Upon the green her walk had died
And turned to him Undómiel.

She said to him, `O son of Men,
`I thought I walked alone.
`But yet the name of Lúthien
`Has never been my own.’

`I Arwen, called Undómiel
`Would ask to whom you cry.
`Does the spirit of Tinúviel
`Dance hidden in my eye?’

And Aragorn, young Elessar
Replied, `’Tis you I see.
`Tinúviel I took you for,
`You can be none but she!’

She laughed in voice of silver bell
And cried, `O son of Men!
`By Elbereth Gilthoniel,
`I am not Lúthien!’

`But if you please, then kindly tell,
`From whence it was you came.
`Who calls to me `Tinúviel!”
`And what might be your name?’

`Fair Elf,’ said he, `beside Bruinén,
`Was I, Eléssar, born
`To Arathorn and Gilraen.
`My name is Aragorn.’
`I come from of the Dúnadain,
`But sooth, there’s fear in me
`That all the honours of my line,
`Are worthy not of thee!’

`O Aragorn, O Elessar,’
Undómiel replied.
With twofold of the Evenstar
Reflected in her eyes.

`Then you and I are kin, although
`How near I cannot guess.
`For in my veins does lifeblood flow
`That’s shared with Westernesse.’

`I Arwen, called Undómiel
`Am born of Elrond’s line.
`And all that’s his in Rivendell,
`Is truly also mine.’

`My brother Elrohir you’ve seen
`And mighty Elladan.
`The sons of Elrond and his Queen,
`The Fair Celebrían.’

`O Elbereth Gilthoniel!’
Cried Aragorn to she.
`O Arwen, fair Undómiel!
`Please do not jest with me!’

`My home has been maný a year
`In this fair Valley free.
`But never did I see or hear,
`A hint that you dwelt near to me.’

`Wonder not, O son of Men,’
Whispered Arwen then to him.
`For I have lived in Lórien,
`Among the Galadhrim.’

`I danced beneath the mallorn high,
`By singing Nimrodel.
`And many years have passed since I,
`Last walked in Rivendell!’

Eléssar looked with shining eyes
Upon her standing there.
The wisest of the Old and Wise,
The fairest of the Fair.

`O Arwen, my Undómiel!
`Your father guards you true,
`For all the wealth of Rivendell
`Is nothing next to you!’

And Aragorn, young Elessar
Had loved her evermore,
For she was Arwen Evenstar,
The fairest maid on Hither Shore.


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