In this mortal life – Of Aragorn

by Jul 2, 2003Poetry

The world has changed now,
And nothing is the same anymore.

Why doth thy heart weep? For this
Is fate, which is above none,
Save he who did create it.

Now thw elves are passing,
And shall never return to these shores.

Why should thy sadness be,
When it was born of joy,
And from it joy was born.

And again a king sits on the throne,
A true decendant of Westerness.

Why would your love do this?
For you were her world,
And she was yours, and is yours.

And the evil that was in this world is gone,
Forever destroyed.

Why should her fate guilt you,
For it was her choice,
Though she made it for you.

And the people may live again,
Without fearing the shadows of the the darkness.

Why should this not become,
For it is her loss, as it is yours,
For it is yours now.

And the peaks and the mountains,
They are safe again, and truth reigns.

Why did it happen, for her
You gained everything,
And for you she lost everything.

And the King of Gondor takes for himself,
An elven bride, of unequeled beauty.

Why did you do this? You saw what became
Of the elf who married a man,
Yet you still desired this.

Yet you shall be her death,
In this mortal life.


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