In the Tower – Lost…or found?

by Jul 20, 2004Poetry

In the Tower

My friend, can that be
your voice I hear?
how they swarm around me
with their vulture faces
they have taken all
my clothing, my armor
and all that I was
but the one Thing they want
they have It not
and no more have I.
my friend, did you take It
supposing me dead
thinking to fulfill
my mission for me?
dear friend, where are you
will you come find me
before they do their worst?
can they make me betray you?
I must not find out….

their vomit eyes gloat
over my small nakedness
I can scarce tell
their eyes from their blades
will they roast me alive
like a side of mutton
feast on my flesh
drink my poisoned blood?
I fear they have done so
slaughtering all
that I ever was
taken my eyes
stolen my skin
and now they mock
at my helpless bones
on which the nerves cling
like blood-blackened threads
my friend, come and find me
dear friend, come and find me
where are you now?
do they have you too?

if they hold my feet
over glowing coals
can I snatch a dagger
and slice my own throat
before they can tear
your name from my shrieks?
my friend, come and find me
dear friend, come and find me
I fear it’s too late
they will breach my last wall
soon all will be gone….
yet I heard your voice
was it but a dream?
dearest friend, where are you?

ah, now they have gone
perhaps I can leap
to my death before
they can return
or madness take me
yet I heard your voice
perhaps I should wait…
but no, it’s too late
my wits were too sluggish
their whip bites my side
with thousands of teeth
coated with acid
and the tincture of hell…..
but now, what is this?
do I dream once more
are these your arms
that wrap me around
your tears that rain
over my ruined garden?
your lips on my brow
your cloak on my shoulders
my name in your eyes
friend of friends, you have found me
at last you have found me
it was no dream….

and now your winged heart
will bear me aloft
above the foul clouds
of poison and loss
the unspeakable shadows
now are disabled
such love astounding
I have not deserved
yet still you give it…
but can you replant
what they laid waste
in a matter of minutes?
for your sweet sake
I would renew it
and set down your story
so all might know
but is it beyond
even your skill?
my friend, have you found me
have you truly found me
or is it my doom
to be lost
ever lost
never truly
to go home?


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