In The Night A Shadow Came A’ Prancing – Poetry from the Fourth Age

by Jul 30, 2002Poetry

In the night a Shadow came A’ prancing.

He moved through the streets like a whisper.

Filling everyone with terror, and the night became silent…everything is still.

A Ghost of the Past he is, using his weapon of horror, infecting everyone he touches with his Black Breath.

And in the homes of all those present in the ancient City, the Children tremble.

Their Mothers, they tuck them away.

“What is it Mother? What’s out there?” They ask.

“Shh my love, a Ghost of a Shadow’s Shadow”

The people cower deeper as he prances nearer.

But then, out of the West comes a gust of wind.

And the Children gasp, but the Mothers smile.

The Shadow recoils for about the wind is an Elvish air.

Then the Mothers embrace their Sons and Daughters for with the morning comes a breath of fresh air.

And the Shadow falls in same place where a maiden so fair slew him before.

And back he goes to the abyss with his master and his master’s master.

And the Children awake, and wonder if it was all a dream then they realize they have nothing to fear from this Shadow.

For only a Ghost he is.

And if he returns, the Queen of old will banish him away with her Elvish air.

By Starscream


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