In the Forest No More – A Poem

by May 27, 2002Poetry

Alas! For the gulls. No peace shall I have again under beech or under elm ~ Legolas Return of the King
The floor of soft grass,
The roof of green boughs,
The great ancient trees,
Hold no meaning for me now,

I have seen the water,
And the white sandy shores,
My elven heart rests,
In the forest no more,

The salty wind blew,
I closed my keen eyes,
I listened to the waves,
And the gull’s ceaseless cries,

My eyes slowly filled,
Down fell a tear,
Why did I turn back,
When such peace was so near?

The green and blue sea,
Washed my heartache away.
I was at peace by the water,
There I wish to stay,

I opened my eyes,
I had companions in need,
I looked to King Ellesar,
And followed his lead,

I turned my back on the ocean,
I left the sea far behind,
I am here in the wars of mortals,
And far from the home of my kind,

But far behind my trudging feet,
The sea is still there,
I still hear the gulls singing,
And smell the clean air,

Someday I will return,
And cross to the distant shores,
For my heart is given to the ocean,
And the forest no more.


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