In the end of roads

by Apr 15, 2008Poetry

I walked on high foggy mountains,
which kept dark secrets inside.
I knew old glamor fountains
on roads,where sun never shines.
I saw forgotten faces
in the forest,where memories die.
Now I’m watching how life races
far away into the night.

I sang the name of the flowers,
which attended me on my way,
but I felt soon how darkness covered
them,and those days faded away.
I could hear the sigh of ancient times,
when honour was not just a word.
Now I can hear only how rain cries
wailing songs for that lost world.

‘Cause I’m standing in the end of roads
with the feelin’ I’m a ghost
in a changing world.
Yes,I’m standing in the end of roads
with burned out love,and broken hopes,
like one,who’s holding the curse.


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