In The End – Freestyle Poetry Inspired By LOTR

by Feb 11, 2003Poetry

Smoke rises from the mountain, swirling and spinning
Darkness lies all around
There is utter silence
Far away in the distance
Creeping, Burning, Destroying
An evil laugh from the tower
A chill down his spine
Fear has consumed him
There is no way out
Slimy walls and sandy floors
Eerie sounds and deadly smells
The air is a poisonous fume
Foul beings guard the doors
Evil is thriving
What lies in the bottomless pit that is his fear
The burden becomes heavier and heavier
He begins to give in to its power
He holds on strong
A light ahead, a hope that will guide him
Victory is near, his task is almost done
What will become it him and his burden
Will he succeed or fall to his death
Only time will tell what happens to the ringbearer


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