In the dark and green forest of Fangorn – A Poem

by Jun 11, 2002Poetry

In the dark and green forest of Fangorn
There lives an odd type of trees
They speak, and walk, and even think
They have hands, and also knees

There is one Ent who rules them all
Treebeard is his name
He is the eldest, they obey his call
Though he’s only known throughout that land

He stumbled upon to small men
They called themselves a hobbit
But in the west they weren’t known by that
But bye their other name, a halfling

He listened to thier story
With wisedom in his eyes
He also heard ’bout Mithrandir
He new him well, did not dispise

And then the part about Saruman
Really caught his attention
He quickly gathered the other Ents
In his mind….reflections

The rest you can figure out yourself
The Ents, they beat Saruman
They took care of their own problems
All others to them don’t matter


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