(In open fields) where time stands still – sort of LOTR but not really

by Jan 13, 2004Poetry

Our voices falling on deaf ears
And now we go to war
Spilling blood on once green lands
Fighting for our cause

Duties undue and low orders trapped
We’re fighting for our words
Struggle for power failing
Like wild poor encaged birds

From battlefields to open fields
In one final lasting breath
Darkness spreads its fingers out
I’m gone I’m already dead

Pain fades away and darkness falls
We’re gone its over now
Another name another plaque on
Another crumbling wall

A summer’s day and people walk
In poppy covered fields
Not knowing what happened there
Save for rusted barbed wire reels

Now they’re gone and memories fade
But we all still live on
In distant parts of distant lands
But the memories are gone

In the minds of the living the dead still dance
Under burning moonlit skies
And people walk through all these fields
In their content and happy lives.


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