In Arwens dream

by Jul 15, 2004Poetry

I dreamt of you last night
taking cover under a tree
hidden by branches from the enemy
worried the world will never be free
As I watched you from above
you told me your fears
that evil will take everyone
to your heart you hold dear.

Once a strong face you wore
now it resembles a mask
a stonelike facade
put on for this enormous task
Then you looked to the sky
raising your hands in the air
you asked the unsolvable riddle
of why evil was allowed to dwell.

I reached through the clouds
and laid my hand over your heart
our eyes met a light lit
that drove out the dark
You then drew me near
my arms entwining with you
as I lay safe and warm there
my wish had come true.

You kissed me tenderly under the moon
its light streaming around
the beams enchanted light
dripping stars on the ground
Raining silver and gold
like sweet tears from the sky
my body seened to float
lost in this magical time.

This war will end soon I whisper
the cold dark waters will calm
the threatening waves will subside
taking the manacing storm
You answer with new hope
that the world will go on
timeless and forever
like our unbreakable bond.

Then you stood before me
I must go now you say
a new strength is in my body
a fire rekindled in my soul
And as you back slowly away
you whisper softly to me
my heart is your treasure
and our love is the key.

Then a warm light overcame me
and sadly drew me away
but I knew deep in my heart
you would be okay
I awoke with the morning sun
warming my face
on the pillow beside me
a gold key lay in your place.


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